About Us


Pitter Patter produce an innovative range of natural leather footwear for babies and toddlers that allows kids feet to move and grow while providing total protection.  

Comfort is paramount for the design of Pitter Patters – unique stay-on bands make the shoes easy to slip on and off while holding them snugly in place.  

From small beginnings Pitter Patter has developed over 200 different styles of baby shoes which have been consolidated into its current catalogue of 100. A key market advantage for Pitter Patter is its flexibility, which allows the company to create custom designs to match baby clothing ranges as they change from season to season. 

Pitter Patters are made from the finest leather and New Zealand wool and manufactured locally to the highest standards of craftsmanship. 

As well as providing 'big comfort for tiny feet', Pitter Patters are popular because they stay on, have a non-slip sole, are safe and feature captivating designs and appealing non-toxic colours.